2018 – On going

PPAA is driven by an architecture of ideas in one of ways. We conceive our architecture as an open message, constantly put to the test by the multiple relationships in its environment.

… architecture of ideas and not of forms.

In our practice we like to follow a bent for nature. For this reason, the context and all its factors —geography, time, program— influence our architecture and give rise to creating sensory atmospheres in which the human body, imagination and consciousness are stimulated and provoked. This creates a dialogue between ideas that lead us to create an architecture that is individually adapted to each project.

We believe in strong and simple answers under a geometric approach where the outer space is defined and delimited, but not built. We like to think that the way we understand architecture involves considering both community and personal intentions. Thus, each project seeks to be an extension or support of our experience, both personal and spatial.

Our conception of architecture is based on the understanding of the body and the relationship that each one establishes with its environment, thus creating an architecture of ideas and not forms.






“An architecture of ideas, not forms”



Bespoke Design Studio



“I understand space as a means to exercise one’s freedom, rather than the search for originality.”