Cloud Bar

Year: 2020

Team: Pablo Pérez Palacios, Katerina Alatzia

Photography: Maureen Evans, Luis Garvan

A multifunctional object that transforms a space and becomes a unique entity.

More than a bar, a suspended piece, the Cloud...

The name arises from its concept: Cloud is a piece that separates from the floor, that floats.

It works as a bar or storage area, and depending on its moment, it becomes an object; its lighting transforms it into an aesthetic and decorative element that is part of the environment.
Its fixing system allows it to be raised and anchored to the wall, this gives it lightness. The doors are sliding and not folding so as not to interrupt the space instead, it aims to generate a dynamic around the piece.

The selection of materials consists of danpal panels for the doors, a translucent material that provides the virtue of lighting; For the shelves, Krion is used, a material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone that is made up of two-thirds of natural minerals. Its composition gives it a lack of pores and, therefore, there is no unnecessary proliferation of bacteria. of some type of additive, in addition, it is low-maintenance and easy to clean. In summary, in its manufacturing process, we experiment with two different materials, which are pure, tangible, and unique.

It comes in two sizes, large and small, and both are functionally easy to use, either as a bar or a storage unit.